Cerberus Blue

Cerberus Blue was originally an internet gaming team back in 2005, then late on in 2007 we also became a laser-tag team focusing on spreading our name across as many laser-tag systems and sites that we could and we now have friends in Scotland, England, America, Sweden and Norway.

Our members are based in Scotland in the city of Edinburgh and the towns of Motherwell & Falkirk. Cerberus Blue aims to be a multi-system team focused on bringing a degree of fun and unpredictability to the laser-tag scene. In 2009 we attended our first cross systems tournament, UK Armageddon gaining 3rd place medals. In 2010 we returned again to the tournament to take 3rd place.

In early February 2011 five of us attended our first Ragnaröka.k.a. Swedish Armageddon and managed to secure 3rd place (another bronze medal!). Then in August 2011 we once again we returned to do battle in the 2011 UK Armageddon tournament and this time managing to get 2nd place and getting our first silver medal.

The 2011 UK tournament has also brought with it major changes to the team as the original founder and team captain: Soul made the choice to retire from the laser scene, making Goku the new captain and C’tri the new vice captain.

This website has been designed to give people a little insight into who we are and what we do, as well as keep people who are interested in our adventures up to date on events the team have attended and any announcements we feel necessary to give. There are also contact details for us should you feel the need to contact us. Enjoy!

All the best,
Soul, C’tri, & Goku

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