Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

UK Armageddon 2009: 14th - 16th August

We attended our first UK Armageddon cross system event, as Cerberus Blue. We played against the others teams, Ghetto Hat, Team Entropy and Psycho Family.
We took Roldec and Neocydude along with us to help us out as originally we didn't have enough players for a full team, although in the ended we up with one too many which turned out to be a good thing as Yoda4483 injured himself on the first day.

We performed extremely well in the Laser Quest and Darklight events and came third in the overall tournament, earning us bronze medals for our efforts.
Everyone who attended had fun at the event, even though the majority of us were injured after just the first event. We are fully intending to go back for the 2010 event.

UK Armageddon’s Website: http://www.ukarmageddon.co.uk/

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