Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

UK Armageddon 2010: 13th - 15th August

So the time came around again for the big yearly tournament known as UK Armageddon the cross system event including Quasar, Laser Quest, Outdoor, Mega Zone Nexus, Laser Force and Darklight.

We once again met up with the people from Ghetto Hat and Psycho Family along with a new team called Aces of Bases that included some players from last years events.

The team performed 100% better than at the 2009 event with a lot of people commenting on the increase in our team work, performance and game play, which was greatly appreciated.

Psycho Family got a clear first place with Ghetto Hat taking second place. Cerberus Blue took third place again with Aces of Bases taking fourth place.

Every team member done really well and played some really good laser gaming. We had a great laugh with Mike the tournament organiser and all the members of Psycho Family on the mini-bus and a great time was had by all.

Thankfully the whole team managed to get through the tournament without getting injured or losing any keys. We cannot wait until next year for the 2011 events as we should be attending both the Swedish and UK Armageddon tournaments so Cerberus Blue will soon be lasering in foreign lands.

UK Armageddon’s Website: http://www.ukarmageddon.co.uk
Swedish Armageddon’s Website: http://www.armageddonsweden.com

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