Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

LaserZone Christmas All Nighter:
27th December 2010 

Soul, Goku, Yoda4483 and Damned_Angel travelled back down to the Bradford LaserBlast system that some of the team previously played at in the Summer All Nighter.

There were two team tournaments Highlander and Destroyer in which we came third in both losing out on second in Highlander due to less kills. There was also a solo tournament in which Soul and Damned_Angel made it through to the final 20 players with Goku and Yoda making it through to the final 10 players. We met up with some of our old lasering friends and made some awesome new ones as well. It was a good paced fun night and hopefully every member of Cerberus Blue will get a chance to play both the arena and system in the future.

LaserZone’s Website: http://www.laserzone.cc/

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