Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

LaserZone Summer All Nighter: 9th July 2010

Goku, Yoda4483, Damned_Angel and Roldec went down to Bradford to have a go at the LaserBlast system, that none of Cerberus Blue has played before. All four of them won Runner Up medals for the Base Flags tournament with the help of Custard, they were 0.5 game points behind first place. Goku and Yoda4483 along with Custard and 7 others won the Respawn Team tournament getting themselves Winners medals to go along with their Runner Up medals.

Yoda4483 made it through to the Quarter-Finals in the Solo Tournament with Goku and Roldec managing to get through to the Semi-Finals before being knocked out. They both only needed to get one more tag and they would have had a good chance of getting into the final.

It was a great all nighter and everyone is glad that at least some of the team got to try out a new system in the new arena and to catch up with some of our friends down south.

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