Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

Guiness World Record - Endurance Marathon:
4th July 2010

Soul, Goku, C’tri, Yoda4483, Damned_Angel and Roldec along with our friends at Dark Ocean, Tigger, Cavey, Rab for technical support and a few players from the west of Scotland, done a continuous 24.5 hours gaming session of  Darklight at Dark Ocean.

It was a really tough event with everyone having high and low points during the days worth of gaming as to be expected but we got there in the end. Now we’re just waiting on getting confirmation sorted from the Guinness World Record people then we will have been the first ever people to have done this type of event.

This was also a charity event for MacMillan Cancer Support, The Sick Kids Friends Foundation, Lothian Autistic Society, Barnardo’s and Help For Heroes, if you would like to help any of the charities we have put the link below, any donations are greatly appreciated.

Dark Ocean's World Record Attempt page: http://www.darkocean.co.uk/

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