Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

UK Armageddon
3rd - 6th March 2012

Sadly this year due to various circumstances the full Cerberus Blue team wasn't able to make it to UK Armageddon. Instead Goku, C'tri, and Damian took to the field, helping the tournament organiser form Team Gammer, comprising themselves, Gammer, Trikkit/Wezza, Havok, Damage, and Snoken.

The tournament was the longest its ever been, a full four days of play from Friday to Tuesday, featuring Megazone (V4), Laser Blast, Quasar, Laser Quest, Laser Force, and Q2000. Whilst there was initial uncertainty about having two systems as similar to each other as Quasar and Q2000, when we came to play it on the last day it became clear that the settings & systems were significantly different, enough to constitute an entirely different type of gameplay more akin to Darklight and LaserQuest than to Quasar.

While some of the arenas were familiar, such as the Megazone, Quasar, and Blast arenas, others were new. The new Laser Force in particular prove the most challenging and peculiar of the arenas, with much of the arena being ignored in favour of the more sheltered upper levels. We had to move C'tri from his accustomed role of a scout to the ammo resupplier, something that took a little readjustment to get decent at.

Laser Blast at Bradford had a very unique and interesting turn of events in our game against GFY Industries. We had the bizarre occurrence of being eliminated from the game, but winning on points as stipulated in the game rules. According the centre owners and regulars present, it was an unprecedented event.

The Laser Quest this year was at Coventry, a fairly new venue with the latest pack models sporting blue and red lights, rather than the customary green and red. not exactly ground breaking stuff, but thoroughly enjoyable to play in.
Props to GFY who used the unusual tactic of compressing their entire team into a single corridor, and terrifying the life out of poor Tim who stumbled across them first.

The Darklight at Gloucester was remarked on as having the best DL arena ever visited by anyone at the tournament, and while the packs' firmware was running a newer version, there were a few hardware issues that led to C'tri nearly getting a minus score against Psycho Family; a somewhat humbling experience.

by the time the tournament reached Laser Planet, the Q2000 venue in Watford, the results were more or less locked and the members of CB would receive a silver medal. Q2000 itself was an interesting experience: previous discussion on the system implied that it was somewhat similar to Quasar.
However, on the settings played that Tim and Ed, the two Norwegian players, played with regularly, it was demonstrated to be extremely far removed from the style of Quasar in tournament play.

All of Cerberus Blue in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the tournament, and hope to return next year at the team's full strength.

Megazone Morecambe's website: http://www.megazonemorecambe.co.uk/
Laser Zone's website: http://www.laserzone.cc/
Darklight Gloucester's website: http://www.lasertaggloucester.com/
Laserquest Coventry's website: http://www.laserquestcoventry.co.uk/
Laserforce Northampton's website: http://www.laserforceuk.co.uk/Northampton
Laser Planet's website: http://www.laser-planet.co.uk/

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