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Swedish Armageddon 2012
9th - 12th March 2012

This year the Swedish Armageddon was arranged to be the weekend after UK Armageddon, to make it easier for American players to play in both. So less than 2 hours after getting back from UK Armageddon, Damian, C'tri, and Yoda were heading to the airport to head to Svastka airport.

It wasn't the most organised of travel arrangements, but everyone made it in one piece without any insurmountable difficulties, and Damian and Yoda were put up by Snoken for the Wednesday night, before heading out for a meal with the Americans who would be playing. This resulted in the somewhat amusing discovery that Damian wakes up and goes into Quasar block reflexively

The tournament had 5 teams, meaning that rather than the two leg system that UK armageddon sported, each team would play the others teams once at each system. The six systems in play were Megazone T4 and Nexus, Laser Force, Darklight, Lasermaxx, and Q-zar.

This year the team size was bumped up to 8, but sadly due to unexpected injury, Team UK's (on whom C'tri and Damian were playing) 7th player Larma was unable to fly, and this meant the team was down to 6 players for the first day. Whitefolks, a well known Swedish Zone player stepped in to help the team, contributing strongly to the points earned in Zone, and the systems that followed.

On the second day we played in the Q-zar in Nyköping, and given that Trikkit/Wezza and Lurch were on our team, supported by C'tri and Damian: good things were expected from the system. Team UK managed a full sweep, taking the only point from Psycho Family of the tournament, stopping them from getting the maximum possible ammount of wins: 24

The rest of the systems passed mostly without comment, much fun was had at Darklight, Lasermaxx, and Force as they were played, and many good memories followed.

A special thanks to CoCo who hosted C'tri and Damian the 3 days of the tournament, and the fun that came with that; climbing on swings, partying hard, and explaining the game of icing to Linnea.

After the tournament everyone enjoyed a barbeque and party at the Spång's, once again C'tri was prevented from going near the fire, and everything was wrapped up like the icing (pun intended) on the cake.

A big thanks to everyone who made the tournament what it was, and we hope to return again next year :D

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