Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

The Zone, Summer lock-in
3rd - 4th August 2012

The Zone in motherwell was the first Darklight arena to open in Scotland, and where Cerberus Blue can trace a few of its roots! Our founding captain Soul is from there originally, as are active members Jardie and Roldec.

Although C'tri was the only Cerberus Blue member able to attend, it was a great opportunity to bump into old friends and rivals, play against some dedicated Darklight players, and have a good time.

The night was Zombie themed, and alot of the costumes reflected this, naturally the Bulldog gametype was well played this night, and was a huge hit all round, especially the stealth format rolled out later in the night.

The Zone's solo Tournament takes an interesting turn in the form of a Solo Survivor tournament: 3 lives and 10 energy apiece, with a sudden death after a set time adding a tense drive to take out as many players before sudden death, as possible.

Long standing member Akamaru took first from C'tri in a post-sudden-death duel, and even though gold was snatched away in the final seconds of play, it was a good tournament in a very different context from standard points based games.

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