Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

Return of the Zombie Allnighter
28th June 2013

Motherwell's second allnighter of the year saw the majority of Cerberus Blue coming together to do what we love to do: play laser and have fun.

The second allnighter hosted at The Zone since it came under new management went very well, with a solo survivor and solo blasters tournament won by Roldec and C'tri respectively.

We were joined by a plethora of laserers from local cities and one or two came up from England to join in. In the end the solo tournament was won by our own Roldec, with Damage and NeoCydude coming in second place.

The second survivor tournament was won by C'tri, with Goku in second and once again NeoCydude taking double 3rd The two tournaments along with the other games played were excellent fun, and the improvements to the hardware were really visible, we tip our hats to the tech team.

All in all it was a really good way to mark the start of the summer Laser-tag season!

The Zone's website: http://zapme.co.uk

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