Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

LaserZone Easter All Nighter: 2nd April 2010

Unfortunately only five of the Cerberus Blue members could attend this event as we only had one car for this trip. We took part in the team tournament and claimed fourth place. Soul and Damian managed to make into the quarter finals in the solo tournament however got knocked out before the semi finals. We also played in the Base Flags tournament but got joint fifth place although this is still a really fun if somewhat tiring game if your attacking.

The car trip in both directions was filled with a great play list and singing and silly dancing, raving and a lot of rocking. All in all, another good fun trip to see our friends down at the Huddersfield LazerZone.

Also special shout out to Yoda4483 for his driving again and for one hell of an awesome haircut.

LaserZone’s Website: http://www.laserzone.cc/

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