Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

LaserZone Easter All Nighter: 1st April 2011
So for the second time in 2011 we managed to get all the team together for an event which means a good time was guaranteed. Thanks to our friends the staff at LaserZone we were allowed to play as a full team without being split.

There were four events that we took part in. The first tournament was Team Destroyers in which we took first place and won ourselves shiny gold medals. Then it was the Solo Tournament in which Yoda4483 and Roldec got into the final ten (in other words the semi-finals) but Goku managed to get in the top three to take part in the final and he came in 3rd place and won himself a trophy for his efforts. C’tri won the round of the Easter Egg Hunt he was in but unfortunately had to sideline himself in the final challenge against the winner of the second round due to his aversion to Creme Eggs. Unfortunately we never had all 8 of us for the second team tournament Battlefield as Damian and Yoda4483 being our drivers had to get some rest and overall we came last place in that tournament but we still enjoyed playing in it, even if we might have missed one or two things regarding the rules.

It was also C'tri, Jardie and Damian's first time playing that system so that means all of Cerberus Blue have now played LaserBlast. We all had an awesome time and it was good to catch up with our friends down in that country that's attached to ours but I seem to have forgotten what it's called.

LaserZone’s Website: http://www.laserzone.cc/

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