Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

Lazer Rush Pick'em: 4th December 2010

Soul and Yoda4483 flew down south to attend a Pick’em event at Lazer Rush in Whitstable which is a Quasar arena. We played a lot of the public games during the day on Saturday and then at night played the more advanced players in tournament style games. Noticeable improvements to both Soul and Yoda4483’s (who was buzzing after getting a base in one of the games) game play was noticed and commented upon although Soul still has very much a lot to learn when it comes to Quasar. It was a great trip if we don’t include the issues with snow and the delays at the airports and both Soul and Yoda4483 would once again like to thank Mike for his hospitality and transporting us about, it was very much appreciated.

Lazer Rush's Website: www.lazerrush.co.uk

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