Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

Megazone Settings Test: 14th April 2011

Soul, Goku, C’tri, Damned_Angel & Yoda4483 all headed through to the Megazone in Falkirk to set up and test a game type created by Yoda4483. The settings were of a tournament type and were based on the Megazone game types played in both the UK and Swedish Armageddon tournaments. This was to allow us to practice for both offensive and defensive base attacks. The games we played had a very fast pace as it was mainly 3 vs. 3 with the extra player either one of the staff or the members from the arena.

We all thought the games went well and helped improve out teamwork and game play overall. Cerberus Blue would like to thank the staff at Megazone Falkirk for allowing us to create this game type and for helping us out.

Megazone Falkirk's Website: http://megazonefalkirk.com/

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