Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

Road Trip and Laser Quest Tournament:
29th April - 1st May 2011.

Goku, Damian & Yoda4483 set of for a road trip covering 2 Quasar arenas, 2 Laser Quest arenas, a Laser Blast arena and a Darklight arena.

They travelled an approximate total of 1,265 miles on the road trip in which they practiced Laser Quest at Rochdale, Quasar at Barry Island and Darklight at St. Helens. Along way also meeting up with our old friend Alan at the Laser Blast site in Huddersfield who we first met at UK Armageddon 2009 and our friends at the Chester Quasar site who we first met just before UK Armageddon 2010. Good practice was picked up for the 3 of them in the various systems all good in the run up to UK Armageddon 2011.

The trip ended with them attending a 3-man team tournament at Laser Quest in Swindon where even though they didn’t get very far in the tournament they were taught some handy hints and tips from the other players in attendance.

Laserquest Swindon: http://www.lqswindon.co.uk/
LaserZone's Website: http://www.laserzone.cc/
Quasar Chester's Website: http://www.chesterquasar.co.uk/

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