Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

Swedish Armageddon 2011:
4th - 6th February

Finally some of the team managed to get across to the Swedish Armageddon multi-system tournament that included a system Cerberus Blue had never played before. The systems played were LaserMaxx, Q-zar, Darklight, Zone, Steridian Wardog (Outdoor) and Laserforce.

Swedish Armageddon is a six-man team tournament however we only fielded five players at this event as one of our players passports did not arrive in time for them to attend.

There were players from five different nations in attendance: Swedish, Scottish, English, Canadian and American forming four teams in total: Psycho Family (Swedish), The Universal Order of Armageddon (American, English & Swedish) Hookers (Swedish, English & Canadian) and obviously Cerberus Blue (Scottish).

We met up with players we had met before at the UK Armageddon events such as Wezza, Jabberwock, Snoken, Eris and all of Pyscho Family but we were also introduced to some players we had not met before and got on with everyone old and new to us.

Psycho Family came in 1st place with 32 points, The Universal Order of Armageddon took 2nd place with 22 points, Cerberus Blue claimed 3rd place with 12 points and Hookers came in 4th place with 6 points.

We all had a fantastic time and it really was over all too quickly but we were all tired by the end of it. I would like to say a really big thank you to both Exit and The Punisher for allowing us to stay in their home and for their help during the tournament, it is and was greatly appreciated by all of us.

C’tri got injured in Darklight by falling down some stairs in the arena giving Havok quite a scare but he jumped up and carried on (With a roar that shook the foundations! -C'tri). Roldec and Soul got injured at the Outdoor event with all the running and diving back and forth but it was worth it all in the end as we claimed some crucial needed points for the tournament and apart from that there were some awesome games had by all of us at some point. Hopefully we can attend this again next year and field a full team.

Swedish Armageddon's Website: http://www.armageddonsweden.com

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