Cerberus Blue’s Past Events

Damian & Yoda4483's Swedish Adventure:
23rd - 31rd October 2010

Damian & Yoda4483 decided they would go to Sweden and visit our friends over there for about a week. Whilst over there they played Quasar in Nyköping along with having a duel in the reception with each other. Then played a 2v2 tournament of Megazone in Stockholm with Damian's pairing coming 2nd and Yoda4483's getting 3rd. They went on to play some Darklight at Cybertown where Yoda4483, Damian and our beloved Psycho Family member DK got into a duel.

Whilst over there they also went along to DK's 25th Birthday party. Also attending Exit and The Punisher's Halloween party, Damian went as Batman and Yoda4483 went as a Hunter from Left 4 Dead.

Link to the Swedish Armageddon website: http://www.armageddonsweden.com/

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