Alias: C'tri
Rank: Vice Captain
Team Role: Techpriest
Year Joined: 2005
Home Arena: Laserquest Edinburgh, The Zone Motherwell
Home System: LQX, Darklight V5
Preferred Systems: Darklight, Quasar, LQX, Blast, Zone Nexus
C'tri's (longwinded) Blurb

Wow, it is hard to believe that I joined Cerberus Blue 8 years ago now. The world is a different place, and I'm a different person. Quite easy to see if you look at my old profile !
Laser however is one thing that I can stand upon as an unchanging foundation, at the core my view of it hasn't really changed that much. I thoroughly love playing it, I strive to be better at it, I love getting shinies from winning it.
I've met more laserers most better than me, I've made friends, travelled far, and discovered new systems and new ways of playing.

In the last 2 years CB has changed quite markedly from it's old form of a fixed team. As we met new people, some of us decided to go play with those who they felt more in tune with, shared visions with: Cerberus Blue became less a fixed team and more an association of players.
Sure most of us would still band together for an all-scots team if possible, but more often than not it isn't these days, and I'm okay with that. The more fluid "Lets just play with/against each other" thing we've got going on works because we all still retain the values of play that brought us together in the first place; We're still playing together.

We used to say "no politics, just madness" back when things were simple. I'd say now it's more "minimal politics, just fun", but that doesn't really work as a tag line!

I still love Quest and Darklight, but I'm reaching the point with enough systems that I can say I'm "a Laser-tag" player more than I can hold mastery of a single system. Being a laserer is my thing, it's my primary hobby, when people say "where will you be in 5 years time?" I can confidently say "I don't know, but I'll be playing laser tag still".

So that's me, 5 years UK Armageddon, 8 years of playing with Cerberus Blue down the line. I have gained a broader tollerance for the system, an admiration of those with skill far FAR above me, rather than the childish contempt for those I foolishly viewed took it "too seriously". Likewise there are plenty people who care far less than me about winning or their own performance and to them I say "Good! Well done! Keep it up!", because just as some people love to take the game 'seriously', some express their love of laser by having fun in ways others disagree with.

I shrug, and conclude this drawn out introspective piece with the conclusion that I have become a better person since I started playing, and the people I've met are part of the reason. Thank you all :-)

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