Alias: Damian
Rank: Member
Team Role: Transport
Year Joined: 2008
Home Arena: Laserquest Edinburgh
Home System: LQX
Preferred System: LQX
Damian's Blurb

Hey everyone I'm Damian or Damo as most people choose to call me.

I started playing laser tag in the system laser quest when I was 14 years old and practiced day after day to become the best player I could be, over the time at Laser Quest I met loads of nice and skilled players and found myself joining Team Crypt and practicing with them to create a challenge in the system.

Shortly after joining Crypt we discovered the Darklight system in Motherwell and at first I didn't really enjoy it as it required a completely different style of play to quest but since then I've become quite fond of it and although I'm still playing catch up with my current team Cerberus Blue who started playing properly long before me I have adapted my own play style and enjoy it.
More recently as Cerberus Blue have been going to multi-system tournaments I have been practicing Megazone in order to perform better in more systems at the tournaments. As we regrettably have no Quasar or Laser Force it was more or less my only option short of taking up paintball to prepare for the outdoor fields.

Having now come 3rd at two UK Armageddon's and one Swedish Ragnarok I will be doubling my efforts to develop my skills for the next tournaments to come which I am greatly anticipating.



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