Alias: Damned_Angel
Rank: Member
Team Role: Psychologist
Year Joined: 2009
Home Arena: The Buzz, Megazone
Home System: Darklight V5, Megazone Nexus
Preferred System: Megazone Nexus
Damned_Angel's Blurb

The first time I met some of the team was when they came to my home arena; Megazone in Falkirk, back when I was an active member there.
After playing them at Megazone, we talked about their home arena; at the time The Zone in Motherwell.
It was there I met the rest of the team, in the days before Cerberus Blue existed.

I remember at the all nighter, meeting C'tri. During a game of Domination, whilst in the middle of a dogfight over a GEM, he appeared in front of me holding a bag of Hula Hoops. He began chanting "Hula Hoop!" over and over again until finally I shoo'd him away to annoy someone else.
He disappeared into the darkness, Hula Hoops still in hand.

A few years later, a new arena opened up in Falkirk, known as The Buzz, we played a Darklight gametype called Marines with other regulars there. This was after Armageddon 09, and I asked to join the team. We went down to a Zone all nighter in Huddersfield where the vote was passed and I joined the team.

Since then we have taken part in many events, all of which have been loads of fun. Being the only girl on the team has had its ups and downs, as you can imagine.

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