Alias: Goku
Rank: Captain
Team Role: Ego
Year Joined: 2005
Home Arena: Laserquest Edinburgh
Home System: LQX
Preferred System: LQX
Goku's Blurb

Hey the name’s Goku, some of you might know me as Conor or possibly "Ego Boy". Been part of a few teams in my time due to my amazing skillz =P, these teams being G.A.S.P,  Team/The Crypt but best of all though I’ve been a member of {CB} since it was founded and I’m a dedicated hard working member (I wish).

My favourite system is Laserquest in Edinburgh although its a bit run down it still does the trick =D. I can play in almost every way at laser but my all time favourite version of "playing" that i will forever love is dancing =P. When i started out in Laserquest, I was a fairly regular player playing with the best Quest had to offer, after some time when my skill peaked we decided to travel to the new system Darklight in Motherwell where i was henceforth known as the "best" member. As trouble between myself and The Crypt happened I lost contact with Motherwell players and lasering in general for a short period of time but now I’m back and better than ever, so watch out =P.

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