Alias: Jardie
Rank: Member
Team Role: Sniper
Year Joined: 2007
Home Arena: The Zone
Home System: Darklight V5
Preferred System: Darklight V5
Jardie's Blurb

Hey I'm Jardie, I'm 21 years old and I live in the crappy town of Motherwell about 15 minutes walk from The Zone where I used to work.

I was the founder and ex-captain of Team Shinobi which was created with a group of my mates along time ago but I moved to Cerberus Blue and haven't looked back since.

On the team I am known as the sniper and really like the Darklight system. I am normally the last one to know what's going on in the team as Uncie Soul keeps forgetting to update me with the news.

Apart from the lasering events, pretty much I don't do much apart from going to work all the time now and seeing my girlfriend Emma whom I love spending time with.

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