Alias: C'tri
Rank: Vice Captain
Team Role: Techpriest
Year Joined: 2005
Home Arena: Laserquest Edinburgh, Dark Ocean
Home System: LQX, Darklight V5
Preferred Systems: Darklight (windows), Quasar, LQX
C'tri's Blurb

My favourite systems are Laserquest and Darklight. I've played Quest since I was adorably little and Darklight since I was a bit bigger. :P
When I first started playing Quest... hehe, the memories. I remember getting annoyed because people were considerably better than me, funny how the world turns isn't it? Before I had the alias C'tri, I went by a variety of names. I think "It waz me" was the one that stuck the most before C'tri came along.

When I got introduced to Darklight, many, many years later, I remember being against the idea of the GEMs the system uses, I thought:
Rapid Fire? Dark Thief? A player shouldn't need these things, it detracts from the purity of the game!"
I have since gotten more used to it and I love Darklight just as much as Quest. No matter the specifics, every laser-tag still boils down to shooting things. ^_^

In saying that, I'm finding these days that it's less about the system and more about the arena. Anything with strong walls/ floors and a relatively open design makes for a happy C'tri. I guess it's just I'm more familiar with multiple systems now.

So that is about it for my laser tagging tbh, I'd love to do more with it but money + transport is often a hindrance. With the closure of Dark Ocean in Edinburgh, there's only one laser-tag venue left here and Fortunately Dark Ocean is open again which is fortunate, as Motherwell & Falkirk are a train journey away. Though it is worth it to go through for the Motherwell All-Nighters, as I get on really well with most of the people there, which makes them events to remember!
You can kind of tell I'm the one I coded this website with all the shiny pieces of stuff on this profile. There's a little code you can see by clicking the button in the bottom right of the screen, I like to write notes and stuff using it; confuses people :P
If you can work it out, congrats, no one has yet :P

And for further reference; if you ever meet me you know exactly what to watch out for:

The List of things C'tri's not allowed to do

  • Put a rickroll in the dissertation that decides his 5 year university degree.
  • Never pick at Sandy's dissertation poster.
  • Don't picket his poster either.
  • Stop making such awful puns.
  • Never have coffee, Irn-Bru, Coca-Cola, Relentless, caffine in general
  • Stop making statements over MSN implying you've set fire to the room.
  • Don't treat walls as floors.
  • "Flame" is not something that should go with noodles.
  • Upload things to the website without proof reading them.
  • Use your girlfriend as a spell checker -.-
  • Or the game.
  • The floor is NOT lava.
  • Do not ask the world champion to sub for you, EQUAL skill levels only.
  • No "That's what she said" at breakfast.
  • The DS's pictochat is NOT to be used for communicating with someone in the same room.
  • Singing about your "Amazing Horse" at 2am is not acceptable in a hotel.
  • Have your list being so damn inconsistent. I mean srsly.
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