Alias: Roldec
Rank: Member
Team Role: Builder
Year Joined: 2010
Home Arena: The Zone
Home System: Darklight V5
Preferred System: Darklight
Roldec's Blurb

Hey I'm Roldec I'm 23 even though I look younger, I`ve been playing laser for a good few years now and enjoy most system types, Darklight is my home system and was playing it for over 24 hours a week when I first started. After playing in Motherwell for sometime I joined up with my fellow CB team mate Jardie in Team Shinobi which was good fun at the time, after Shinobi there was another team which isn`t really worth mentioning XD and even after this there wasn`t Cerberus Blue. I was as C`tri put it, a Freelance player which sadly lead to a drop in my skills. Finally after all this I was graciously asked to join CB for Armageddon 2010 which lead to my joining the team permanently

Apart from laser I enjoy playing console and PC games, hanging out with fellow team members and other friends, reading....... no really I do XD. Even though I haven't built any in sometime I still like building models, Oragami, I also happen to be one of the people that's always thinking of Zombie apocalypse plans. I work at McDonalds in Wishaw which is not bad, the people are good fun and I enjoy most of the work. Not much else to be said other than have a good one.

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