Chapter 1 - Fracture

The Book of CB: In the beginning there was Crypt and all was good. The great powers fought along side one another and their power was unrivalled.
Then the first age ended, and Crypt spread across the country, and the taint settled. Fractures appeared in the group, as the powers of Crypt encountered the guardians of The Zone known as Shinobi.

Friction developed between Shinobi and the captain of Crypt, fuelled by the fraternity between the Soul of Crypt and Shinobi. Indeed, the captain of Crypt bore great hostility towards his own team-mate, Goku, spreading rumours and sewing seeds of dissent that was not well received by Shinobi or some other members of Crypt.
It was the beginning of the end.

Crypt Fractured, Goku was cast out, and the Soul left from the pit of depravity Crypt had become.
The Soul set out to form a new force that had learned the mistakes of Crypt. Cerberus Blue was born, a team free of the trappings that had shattered and corrupted Crypt.

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