Chapter 10 - The Shadow of Cerberus, and the End of Days.

As part of a growing movement in the lasering world of Scotland, Goku of Cerberus Blue began to set in motion plans for creating laser teams at various other arenas throughout the country.
The final goal would be both a scottish tournament, between the teams of various arenas, and a series of semi-competitive teams Cerberus Blue could train against.
So it was that in Motherwell, members of the once dead team Shinobi came together to form a new team. Similarly, Goku was in contact with the members of Pulse8 who had attended the world record attempt, in order to facilitate a similar team.

In order to take part in such a tournament Cerberus Blue would need a home arena, but it was in the way of things that the Soul of Cerberus Blue was against the idea of the team being bound to a specific arena. After talks with the Tiger of Dark Ocean, the Soul and he decided that a seperate entity would be formed.

Rather than create

Not long after, the time of the End of Days came upon the team: and the 8 warriors of Cerberus Blue made their way down to the southern reaches of the country to partake.
Throughout the weekend, many new friendships were made: Cerberus Blue and the Psycho Family, Ragnarök and Armageddon US champions, created a bond of friendship whilst together on the great Minibus.

The End of Days passed without many an incident; Cerberus Blue acted with great vengeance when one of its members, the Damned Angel, was targetted heavily during a game against the Ghetto Hat.

Come the finish, the rankings were fixed heavily in stone, the Psycho Family came undeniably first, whilst with a solid second place what Ghetto Hat.
Cerberus Blue locked in third on the second last day, but played the final games with a furor and vigour that surprised other teams.
Aces of Bases, a conglomeration of Church of Lurch, and Misfits from the great Quasar Championships, that C'tri attended, came last, after beating Cerberus Blue in the Quasar games.

On the last day of the End of Days, when all the battles were fought, Cerberus Blue and Psycho Family discussed Ragnarök, where the Psycho Family's home was.
In the coming year, Cerberus Blue would take the step from a regional team, to an international one.

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