Chapter 11 -The destiny of the gods

Half a year has passed since The End of Days, the fiery time which had seen forces clash across the country of England.
Cerberus Blue had returned with another circlet of bronze, secure in their victory over Aces of Bases, but firm in their defeat by both the Ghetto Hat and Psycho Family. They returned to their homeland in the north with more than just the weighty spoils of war, indeed as well as earning their reward, Cerberus Blue forged a respect and friendship between the Psycho Family.

This friendship, forged in light fueled flames, led inevitably to talk of Ragnarök, an Old Norse word that means "final destiny of the gods", the tale of a great battle between the most powerful figures in Norse Mythology.

Ragnarök was The End of Days in the homeland of the Psycho Family: Sweden.

Champions of the wars in far off America, England, and their homeland Sweden, Psycho Family extended the hand of invitation to Cerberus Blue, inviting them to their great war that would be in the early months of the next year.

And so preperations were made that Cerberus Blue would for the first time, leave the nation of their homes in order to travel to the frozen lands of Sweden for the battle of Ragnarök.

A journey not to be undertaken easily, and frought with difficulty. the Damned Angel was struck down by an injury, and could not travel. Goku too encountered difficulty in extracting himself from the requirements of life, and stayed to tend to the Damned Angel.

Jardie too was struck by misfortune, and come the day that Cerberus Blue was to fly from capital city, the governing powers had still not bestowed on him the required authorisation to travel.
Cerberus Blue travelled to Ragnarök, an 8 man team reduced to 5, for a war built for 6. Undermanned, in strange lands with unfamiliar weapons, Cerberus Blue's future looked grim.

Over the 3 days of the great war of Ragnarök, Cerberus Blue were stationed in a small room in the home of the Matriarch of the Psycho Family. Claimed with the blue and white Saltire flag, Cerberus Blue slept on unforgiving floors in a baffling hot atmosphere in the frigid country. It served them well, and the gratitude of the 5 warriors of Cerberus Blue was presented to heir hosts in the form of a gift to the as yet unborn child of the Psycho Family..

When it came to the battles, they were fierce. Fought with lightning fast reactions, control, grace, intelligence, and recklessness; the forces clashed again and again over the 3 days. The time for recovery between battlefields was sparse, but enough to keep the minds of the team sharp and focused on their goal.

After 3 days of pushing themselves beyond the limit of physical tolerance, collecting bruises and littering blood over the snow. Cerberus Blue locked third place in the vaults of Laserforce, and it was there the war was finished.

The next day, Cerberus Blue would return home with new memories of glorious struggle, new and old friends met on the battlefields from across the world, in the secure and certain knowledge that no extra sliver of effort could have been poured into the contest: They had given their all, and been rewarded in kind.

Cerberus Blue would return home, and attend once more to their home battlefields.

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