Chapter 12: SCKA, Goku the Machine, Huddersfield

It was in the early months of the year that the efforts of Cerberus Blue’s Goku were to encourage the growth of Scottish laser-tag teams. First he saw the fruits of that labour tested, in a tournament co-organised by the Soul of Cerberus Blue along with Goku, 3 teams from arenas across Scotland converged to do battle. The Dark Ocean arena in Edinburgh was to host the tournament, that would house Legion of Edinburgh, Team Shinobi of Motherwell, and DeathPulse8 of East Kilbride and of course Cerberus Blue.

The challenges were issued, and the teams met upon the field of battle. The rules were styled by the Soul, from experiences gained in the End of Days tournaments and other past events.

So it was that Cerberus Blue fought. And thus it would be that Cerberus Blue won.

Shinobi and Legion fought tooth and claw over second place, but in the end Legion took the victory by the width of a shadow. In this case, research into the archives have found that a shadow's width is 600 points.

The world turned and Cerberus Blue relaxed back into the flow of normal
life, until a local house of gaming Twitch, in collaboration with the StickTwiddlers partnered up to hold attempts of setting and breaking of many Records of the World.

Goku and Soul of Cerberus Blue entered to tackle several of these and so it was that Goku with the help of Soul, Damian and the Damned_Angel did battle against demons, heretics, and foul xenos for two days and two nights. More importantly than these enemies, they fought time and the frailty of their own bodies.

Goku triumphed indeed, and after 40 hours of glorious combat, emerged blinking into the harsh sunlight of a day, with Soul also claiming part of the victory that was written upon their hearts.

Not long afterward, Cerberus Blue gathered to arms once more to wage war, this time returning to the southern battlefield that is LaserZone. It saw C'tri return to the arena of Huddersfield, a place he had not been since two years past.

Things had changed since he had been there last: Gone was the wargear of Megazone T2, instead new armour and weapons had been installed, of a type that the C'tri had never before encountered. But whilst C'tri had never fought by these weapons, others of Cerberus Blue had fought and triumphed. They shared their experience and it was to a glorious victory Cerberus Blue fought, six squadrons of eight clashed head
to head until the battles were done, and Cerberus Blue were awarded the trophies of Victory.

Goku and Yoda4483 fought with grim determination in the solo tournament, each with determination to reach the top and final 3. Whilst the other members of Cerberus Blue were knocked out earlier, Goku and Yoda's scores were close.
Indeed, research revealed that the thickness of a shadow happens to be 25 points, less than a single kill's difference.

Thus it was that Goku took home a trophy from the solo tournament, and Yoda4483 vowing that next time he would be one of the final 3 warriors who battled head to head for the final victory.

Alas, it seems fate was not without a sense of irony, for it would be that Yoda4483 would reach out in a bit to further his own skill and laser career, in a bid to climb higher and attain his goal of being first amoungst those who fought in the End of Days. Sadly this ambition led to the splintering of Yoda4483 from the eight warriors of Cerberus Blue; The Eight became the seven and one.

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