Chapter 2 - Taming the Ego

By this time, the growing ego of Cerberus Blue's Vice Captain Goku, was becoming very noticeable, and it was commented upon at this juncture, a Farseer from the depths of the Webway came to assist. Using her Xenos powers, she burned the ego with a single word, and became a valued member of Cerberus Blue. Despite her movements being constrained by the Webway, she was still able to give valuable support to the team.

Alas with time, the Farseer's hold over the ego weakened. Eventually it faded entirely, and the ego grew once again.
However, as opposed to its wild and uncontained growth of times past, this time it was tempered, restrained.
As such no further action was taken against the ego, though at times it was propagated, and other times it was subdued.

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