Chapter 3 - The Dark Ocean

It was at this time, that a new battle ground came to light. The Dark Ocean opened, far from the traditional home of Crypt. Cerberus Blue saw this new territory as a chance to gain a home, an arena free of the politics and petty fighting that so characterised what they stood against.
However, it was not to be so simple, as the Captain of Crypt moved into the Dark Ocean, attempting to assert control over the fledgling battleground.

While this strategy may have worked on an inexperienced business, the creator's of Dark Ocean were fiercely defensive, and flatly refused the Captain's interjections, maintaining their independence from any team. One of the main defenders and part-owner of the Dark Ocean, was a previous servant of Laserquest, he had also encountered the Captain before. At this point it became clear that the Dark Ocean had no wish to partake of the so-called politics that had become the death shroud for Crypt.

Following the realisation that the Dark Ocean would become contested ground, it was suggested that Cerberus Blue could influence some of the members of Crypt. Such an idea was flatly refused by C'tri, stating that to influence another team, would infect the team with the same illness that had crippled Crypt.

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