Chapter 5 - Emptying the Ocean

Several months after Jardie joined Cerberus Blue, Goku arranged matters so that he himself, Chi-Chi and C'tri would all be present at the Dark Ocean, at the same time as the so called Captain of Crypt with the intent of resolving issues definitively.
The captain promptly declared that the meeting was to begin 'healing the gap' and much conversation with Goku was had. Indeed it was such that Goku had been granted a vision of this event several weeks previously and come the crucial moment he acted other than he would have.
While Goku and the Captain between them arrived at a definitive version of events that had led to the first split of Crypt, warned by the vision he had received, Goku stopped short of any form of apology.

Perhaps it was best that this was so for the events of that night did not heal the rift between the teams, instead it widened and affirmed it. As an unfortunate result of this, both teams attended the Dark Ocean much less, though neither abandoned it entirely.
Such was how it came to pass that C'tri and Cerberus Blue left the Dark Ocean, for many months. It was not until nearly two years later, when the Dark Ocean once again reached out its hand to the members it had, that some of the members of Cerberus Blue returned.

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