Chapter 6 - The Gap

So it was that the team idled. Over the next two years little happened in the team. While they met and gathered for the members nights, and all nighters the various arenas offered, there were few developments in Cerberus Blue.

Over the course of the gap, two members joined the team. Damian, a veteran of Laserquest impressed the Soul with his increase in skill and development as a person over the course of the two years putting the habit of covering and obscuring behind him, Damian joined Cerberus Blue.
Secondly, Yoda4483 left Crypt for Cerberus Blue, in favor of the latter's increased activity and sociability. Yoda's specialty in Darklight along with friendship with the members of Cerberus Blue saw him join the team.

Toward the end of The Gap saw Cerberus Blue frequenting an event in a nearby, newly opened Darklight arena. Known as Marines, this event was ideal for knitting the team closer together in terms of battlefield communication and teamwork. Whilst the games were not conventional Darklight games, the teamwork they evoked in the members of Cerberus Blue and the excitement these games evoked made them a regular event until more recently.

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