Chapter 7 - The End of Days

During the middle of the year 2009 Cerberus Blue fought at the end of days. Bolstering their forces for the battles with Minnie, Roldec, and Neocydude they fought against challengers from across the world. Indeed this event was a defining point in the lifecycle of Cerberus Blue and while overall victory was not to be had the other teams bore witness to the utter devastation wrought by Cerberus Blue during the Laserquest and Darklight rounds.

It was on the first day of The End of Days that Cerberus Blue encountered the Seriousness. An overwhelming force that dominated The End of Days, the Seriousness were unrelenting during the tournament, communicating in languages uninterruptible to Cerberus Blue and with a tightly woven team play, they emerged victorious from The End of Days.

But so it was that Cerberus Blue left with more than they arrived with. The Soul of the team made it clear that within one cycle, before the next occurance of The End of Days, he would dedicate time and effort into improving Cerberus Blue that it would return to do glorious battle.

It was at this time as a result of the team-evaluation that the Soul performed that C'tri was branded the last of the last. Rated last in every section possible, C'tri came 9th in the performance of the team. He wore this title proudly, as C'tri the Ninth.

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