Chapter 8 - Minnie and the Fallen Angel

It happened after The End of Days that Cerberus Blue extended its hand to Minnie, who had fought alongside them at The End of Days. She accepted and joined the team bringing a fiery passion for victory and an inhuman accuracy. Soon it was that those among the team, who were pitted against her in the arena, would fear exposing even a single sensor.

Months later when Cerberus Blue traveled to The South to reunite with friends and opponents alike at a Megazone all nighter, they took with them the Damned_Angel, a fighter from Marines and an experienced Megazone player. At the event Cerberus Blue was split into smaller teams for the tournament and it came to pass that one of these two teams earned first place in the team tournament.

In the aftermath of the allnighter the Damned_Angel expressed interest in joining the team and after the vote passed was admitted to the team.

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