Chapter 9 – Recording the world, and the Second end of days.

It is the nature of things to happen all at once. And so it is with Cerberus Blue. After a surprising series of events, the team’s memory Minnie left both the team, and the sport as a whole.
So it was that Cerberus Blue’s numbers were cut to seven.

Unfortunately the record will remain incomplete on the subject, for it came to pass that C’tri had embarked on a journey to further immerse himself in the art of Laser. Travelling overseas to learn from veteran players of the specific system known as Quasar, C’tri was oblivious of Minnie’s departure until his return.
But when he did, he was cut sorely by the loss of his doubles partner, and the knowledge and skills he had learned in mystic lands seemed a small compensation indeed.

So it was that more time passed, until the time known as the ‘summer holidays’ began. It was then that planning for the next End of Days began. The Soul began to gather his troops, and search for an eighth. It was at this time one of the owners of the Dark Ocean contacted the C’tri, with a proposition.
It had come to pass that the Dark Ocean had been in collaboration with The Crypt to embark on an effort to make a permanent mark upon the world, to mark their place in the history of laser. Their designs were for a World Record, a mighty test of endurance in the art of laser.

For over a day, the forces of Crypt and Dark Ocean’s own team would weave light against each other, under the watchful eyes of those to ensure the rules of the World Record were upheld.

It was not to be.

Friction developed between the Captain of Crypt, and the Tiger of the Dark Ocean. Banished from the Dark Ocean, the concept of a world record appeared to go with the Captain of Crypt.
It was at this point that the C’tri was contacted by the Tiger.

Appointed by the Soul as envoy between Cerberus Blue and Dark Ocean, the C’tri and the Tiger would build anew the World Record. By raising awareness and rousing Cerberus Blue to the Dark Ocean, it would be Cerberus Blue and the Dark Ocean who left their mark on the ledgers of history.

The date was marked for early the second month of the summer period, members of Cerberus Blue, Roldec, who is a former soldier of Crypt, and the C’tri’s treasured Unil’ite, who is the Stealer of Dreams, would join the Dark Ocean in their efforts.


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